Eustress vs. Distress: Navigating Stress for Blood Sugar Balance

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While stress is often viewed negatively, not all stress is harmful. For men with diabetes, distinguishing between eustress (positive stress) and distress (negative stress) is vital for effective diabetes management and overall health.

Understanding the Two Faces of Stress

Eustress is beneficial, motivating you to complete tasks and achieve goals, like exercising or learning about blood sugar management.

Distress causes anxiety and can be detrimental, leading to poor sleep, unhealthy eating, and difficulties in blood sugar control.

Strategies for Maximizing Eustress and Minimizing Distress

Identify Sources: Recognize what aspects of your life bring positive challenges and which cause undue anxiety.

Engage in Enjoyable Physical Activity: Choose exercises that you enjoy to convert distress into eustress, promoting better health.

  • Can positive stress actually benefit my diabetes management? Yes, eustress can motivate healthy behaviors, positively impacting diabetes control.

How can I reduce distress in my life? Focus on activities that relax and fulfill you, and seek support for stressors that are difficult to manage on your own.

Understanding and managing both positive and negative stress can play a crucial role in diabetes management for men over 50. By embracing eustress and mitigating distress, you can improve your quality of life and diabetes outcomes, turning stress into a tool for health and vitality.


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