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    How It Works

    Change is hard, we make it easy. Check your score and get started!

    Have you hit that point in your life when eating, drinking, and general lack of motivation have resulted in a lifestyle that demands significant change?

    We help you jumpstart simple changes in your life to get you on track.

    Dadbod Bootcamp is the only texting program for men to help make those changes, using years of research, proven program techniques, and integrating with the ease of your phone.

    Fast, Easy, and Effective. NO Tracking No Downloading Apps.

    Dadbod Bootcamp is the most straightforward and likely the last program you will ever use. We’ve made it simple for you. Check your score and get started right away!

    Proven Success

    Turning 57 and coming out of COVID, life hit me in the face.  I needed to change, lose weight, and cut back on drinking. Damn, I am a foodie.  Alcohol has been an issue in the family, so it got me thinking seriously about a lifestyle change.  I’ve been down this road before, but heavily restricting my food and killing myself on workouts just wasn’t working.

    When IZ came out to Park City, he got me on a new track… call it an intervention.   My lifelong friend is now my Accountabilabuddy.  We set a goal, traveled around the globe, and made some remarkable changes in my life.  All without killing myself working out or starving.

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